The Little Chapel Foundation

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Current Fundraising Position:

The little chapel foundation has suffered owing to the pandemic and the loss of visitors to the Island since 2019 . We have lost around £70,000 in donations and merchandising sales to the end of May 2021. Thankfully last year the Social Amenity fund supported us with a donation of £20,000 which enabled us to continue vital restoration work to areas of the chapel surrounds which we’re undermining the structure of the building. They have kindly agreed to a grant of £1,236 recently and coupled with a grant from the Sarnia Memorial Trust of £10,000 we can continue our restoration work.

The foundation:

The Foundation aims to recognise and equally support, promote and empathise with:

Role of the Foundation


The Little Chapel’s Core team are:

John Silvester (Chairman):  
Born in Jersey, and has lived in Guernsey since 1946. After retiring as a colonel in 1998, John was appointed as Head of Estate Management for the States of Guernsey and had responsibility for refurbishment and maintenance of local historical buildings including the Markets, St James, St Barnabas and the Royal Court. Since 2011 he has got involved heavily in charitable appointments and most recently chaired a committee that erected a memorial to the Allied Aircrew who perished in Bailiwick waters during WWII.

Eileen Silvester:
Born in Durham, and moved back to Guernsey with her husband in 1998.  Qualified as a chemical analyst but later followed a career change in Finance, qualifying as a financial advisor. Since retiring in 2014, she has been involved in a number of charitable organisations as a fund raiser, events manager and a social care caseworker, most recently involved in the Allied Aircrew memorial.

Jack Honeybill (Head of Fundraising):
Jack has been in Guernsey since 1978 following a career in banking. He retired in 2002 and a year later was elected to the States. He served in the Treasury Department, Culture and Leisure and when re-elected four years later became Deputy Treasury minister and served on Environment department. For 23 years he was chair of the Friends of Les Bourgs running 3 one million pound lotteries and during his term as Chair the committee raised £4.5 million for the Hospice. He has also been the executive officer of the Town Centre Partnership for 19 years until it closed in 2019 raising over £50,000 per year and running the Town Carnival. Following 20 years playing in the Guernsey Concert Brass he gave up playing the trombone and continues to play the piano.